Radiology & Imaging

Cardiac Invasive Lab / Imaging and Radio Diagnosis

      1. UltrasoundGeneral Radiography- X-ray 300 MA
      2. Mammography – DMR Plus High Frequency X-Ray Generator and a Dual Track Molybdenum/Rhodium X-Ray
      3. Ultrasound- Logic P5- This ultrasound system provides high end imaging capability with a full range of broadband transducers including 4D options
      4. ECG- Mac 1200 digital, 12-lead electrocardiograph system offers comprehensive ECG solutions
      5. ECHO- Logic P 5 PRO portable ultrasound system helps provide quality ultrasound capabilities across a broad spectrum of care areas
      6. PFT- Spiro PF- A new generation Spirometry machine.
      7. TMT -Case / TMT 2100 with a wider range of Up to 204 kg and speeds from 0 to 21,7 km/hr, 0 to 25 percentage grade range.

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