Dental Services

The Dental Department at Asian Clinic aims to provide dental care of international standard to all the patients.

dentalservicesEvaluation and management of common dental problems

  1. Dental caries which includes restorative procedures & endodontic work.
  2. Periodontal problems (includes gum treatment and periodontal surgeries)
  3. Replacement of missing teeth includes (Crown & Bridge work and complete and removable dentures)
  4. Correction of malaligned teeth (Orthodontic work)
  5. Temporomandibular joint problem
  6. Management of discolored teeth (includes Laminations)
  7. Minor oral surgical procedures like Extraction of teeth.

Broad range of Maxilla facial related procedures

  1. Intra oral Biopsies
  2. Management of Cysts of maxillofacial region
  3. Management of oroantral fistula
  4. Management of Neuralgias patients
  5. Replacement of missing teeth with implants

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